𝙒𝙝𝙮 ? !

Friends, looking at the title of the post, must be wondering🤔 what kind of title it is. So friends today I have written this post in honor of woman and the reason for writing this post is that for many days such an incidents is happening with woman and it is very important to think about this incidents.

Friends, if you see any place of the country then you will get news of the misbehavior with girls, young and old woman. Where we see that rape, acid attack, molestation, murder and many atrocities these womans will have to suffer.

The title of my post is saying this only WHY!!?   “WHY ARE THESE  RAPES NOT STOP? ”  “WHY WOMAN CANNOT STAY SAFE? ”   “WHY IS HUMANITY DECREASING?         WHY!!  WHY!!  WHY!!!

Actually, I also do not have answer to my question. But it is shameful things that the woman of our country are threatened😣 by the people of our country 😢. HEY! we call India🇮🇳  as “BHARAT MATA”. When we call our country as mother so it is our duty to respect the woman of the our and any country.

There are many people who considered a woman as a toy. And there are also such people who knows that this thing is wrong but they remain silent🤐 due to fear of society. Why do people gives so much important to the society that even in front of gastric things people did not raise their voice. These rapists, torturers will be published only if we raise voice.

Whoever is reading this post if you see any woman in trouble, tortured then do not keep quite raise your voice against this things. Now the misbehavior that happening with woman will have to be stopped. Because a woman is a not a minor thing. A woman is a very important part of this society.

Friends today is time of social media so share this post as much as you can “one share of your can help our country”

— yash vadher.

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5 thoughts on “𝙒𝙝𝙮 ? !

  1. This post might not do that much unless you provide reasonable solution to its root cause which is gender equality, since our childhood we are either taught or have been shown that women are inferior to women. So to solve this we just need to start respecting women as equal as a man. And i won’t be raising voice against a woman who does not wanna be helped. And the first initiative should be by that woman. This is the inferior behavior of women which leads to that thinking. Why should we raise voice for someone who hasn’t guts enough to save themselves regardless of their gender. No offense. Also there was a grammatical error :why are the rapes not stop?. It should be :why are the rapes not stopped? It breaks the flow of reading. Don’t mind😀. Hope you don’t misunderstand me

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