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Friends, what a beautiful world God has created. Full of colours. If God wanted they could have kept this world without colours but god created such a good world for us. Blue skies☁, lush green trees🌲🌳, rivers, mountain🗻, wind, flowers🌸🌺🌻, Birds, animals and us. After listening to all of this a beautiful scene has been prepared in front of your eyes. Seeing and feeling how beautiful all of this is. Friends in our life all of us must take the experience of nature once.

Experience means to keep looking at sky. Friends the sky looks beautiful in the daytime but it looks more beautiful in night is seen with stars⭐.   This greenery makes our eyes so relaxed that just keep looking at it. If is fun to see the river , sea 🌊 from distance but there is more fun in taking dip in it.many people are afraid of swimming🏊 but i will say this much that if you are afraid then you will not be able to see this beautiful world. As much fun is out of water. Very beautiful view is also inside the water. If you look inside the water of sea, river then so many fishes🐋🐟, different types of plants, different types of stones and many more things. To see them all is nothing less than a paradise.

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It is also fun to feel the cool cold air. seeing birds flying with air. Having fun with them is also amazing. The fun of birds on sky, the fishes in water, and the fun seeing animals on the ground is so good. Friends, we should thank god that God made such a wonderful world.

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No nowadays we humans become so busy with the work. We forgotten that God made this nature for usb. If god made this for us it’s our job to take care of it. If we do not talking care of nature then we will suffer losses. So it our responsibility to take care of nature and not pollute it.

Nowadays there are people who leave the world of nature and live in world of tension. Hey! Why do you live in tension there is such a good world. Enjoy it and keep laughing.

what will you get by worry, take a look at this world you will become happy forgetting worry”

—- yash vadher.

Creative world media

Special thanks to Kashyap jethwa to suggest such great topic

Insta id:-Kashyap jethwa

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