‡‡ Pure-soul ‡‡

Friends, I had heard that after millions of births we are born as humans in this world. So if we have received this human birth after so many births then we should not waste this birth unnecessarily. If we do not live in different way then what is benefit to us as humans. Living in different way means that anyone can become a human being but to be a good person and live life happily it is called living in different way and it is not just matter of everyone. It is very important to have good qualities to be a good person. By the way there are many good qualities but if your soul is pure then you do not need any other good qualities.

Friends, if you learn to keep your soul pure then half of your life is successful. because of pure soul you never think of anyone bad, never be sad, always keeping good thoughts. If human soul is pure then good qualities enter into human being automatically. So friends one thing must have come to know from this that it is very important and beneficial for a person to keep soul pure. Friends it is not easy to keep soul pure but it is not difficult either.

So friends, it is absolutely not that we should not make any mistakes to keep the soul pure. Actually we only improve when we make mistakes. Friends you do not need to be smart to keep the soul pure. Just keep faith in yourself to keep yourself pure. Make yourself positive, think good. To think well means not to think poorly of anyone, just look at yourself.

I give you one example — think “there is a game and you have your opponent in front of you. So do not think how to keep your opponent behind or do not aimed to defeat him or her. Rather think how to win yourself and how to give your best”. so from this example we get to see two things, that we think negative as well as positive but how to change negative into positive thinking it is also in our hands and if a person learn this thing then his soul is pure by itself. So keep your soul pure and keep on smiling😊.





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Special thank to “tirtha shah” for suggesting such great topic

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