Friends! Seeing the name of this post you must be thinking WHAT IS THIS “ROTI DAY”?, WHEN IT COMES?, WHAT IS DONE IN IT? . friends I tell you that this is a ROTI DAY it is not on any special day neither is it a festival but it is not less than any festival🎉🎊🎈. You can celebrate this day whenever you want and as many times as you want.

In this whole world there are many people who want to enjoy life like us but for some reason they are not able to enjoy life like us. There are lot of people who live on the road, footphath, who do not have house🏠 to live, no food to eat. “SUCH PEOPLE ARE ALSO HUMAN!! ” There are many children who wants to study📚✏ but their parents do not have money. So friends it is ROTI DAY that is celebrated with such people.

In Rotiday we don’t have to do much, just spend some time of our life with them. On any one day we get to enjoy happiness with such destitute people by taking some food🍴🍕🍔 and some gifts🎁. Celebrate ROTI DAY once in life you will be so happy that you will never think so. “All live for themselves but real fun is sharing happiness with someone

There are so many NGO, ORGANIZATION, GROUPS that do such programs like ROTI DAY on weekends, Month-end. So go and join them and do whatever you can to help them and bring a smile on the face of such people.

Friends, I had read that “BEFORE LOOKING AT ANYONE IN SORROW AND THINK OF HELPING THEM THINK THAT THEIR CONDITIONS IS DUE TO THEIR ACTIONS” I do not fully agree with this because any person is sad because of his actions but if everyone think like that then only sad people will remains in the world. so don’t this is my request.



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