❤ Friendship ❤

Friends, friendship is a very big and important part of human life FRIENDSHIP is a short word but if we try to understand friendship then it is a very big and loving relationship ❤

Friendship means that relationship in which we do not need to hide anything. Friendship means only love and nothing else. Friendship is that in which lie, you will not be able to lie. There is a lot of fun and love in friendship. Laughing, crying, quarreling with friends, there are so many memories that we have spent with our friends. There is no deal In friendship👥.

Friends did you ever think that we spent to school for the first time, then those who study with us they will become such good friends for a lifetime. We can Never forget school friends and school days because of the fun we have with our friends which we will never do again.

Going to school together with our friends, have fun on the way and arrive at school late, happy to get punishment, having fun outside of class, not eating your tiffin at lunch and eating from friends tiffin, doing each other’s homework📝, going to home together after end of school is a lot of memories that we have spent with our school friends. School friends are best part of our life.

When we go to college for the first time after finishing the school day. Only thoughts of friendship come to our mind so friends this is the power of friendship that never let’ us be alone, friendship teaches us to live life. We are incomplete without friendship it is the friends who teaches us to be truthful, to laugh😂 🥴🤪, to be cool. we keep on doing friendship till we get old from childhood.

Friendship can happen to anyone . It happen with trees🌲🌳, with air, with animals🐵🐔🐶🐷, with Birds🐦, with insects, with humans, with any objects because everyone needs Friendship. Be it live or lifeless. The magic of Friendship is such taht people cannot live without friends.

Friendship is something that we cannot bought even after spending millions of money💰 because Friendship is from the heart.

So today I thank all my friends through this post because my life is so full of happiness because of their Friendship. I also known that if l ever got into any trouble only my friends supported me to getting out of that trouble.

Do after reading this post, you must also thank your friends and show them this post. ❤🤣🤗🥴

“true friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart


– Mr. Yash vadher

Thank you,

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